Nokia Expanded

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Introducing Nokia Expanded - a bold and expansive font designed to capture attention. Inspired by the iconic Nokia brand, this typeface embodies a sense of reliability and modernity.

With its bold strokes and expanded proportions, Nokia Expanded commands a strong presence in any design. The font's clean lines and geometric forms lend a touch of precision and sophistication, reflecting Nokia's commitment to quality and innovation.

Ideal for various applications, including branding, advertising, and display graphics, Nokia Expanded ensures legibility and impact. Its bold and expansive nature makes it suitable for creating attention-grabbing headlines and eye-catching designs.

Embrace the essence of Nokia with Nokia Expanded, a font that encapsulates reliability and modernity while adding a distinctive touch to your projects.
spacing: Normal, Expanded
optimumSize: Any Size
hasDocumentation: 1
serifSansSerif: Sans-Serif
isWebfont: 1