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Allow your customers to easily customize the products sold on your Woocommerce website by using Woo Infinite Options for Wordpress.
Its unique and powerful back-end system allows you to create smart, complete and user friendly options widget in minutes.

The plugin can modify the cost of a woo product and dynamically change its image depending on the values filled in the customizer.
The resume of all the selected options, their values and their (optional) prices are added to the woo order as product attribute once the customization complete.
Don’t simply show a long and painful list of options on your product pages, but ask to your customers a series of quick questions in a pleasant way, allowing them to select replies, fill values and upload files.

You can even choose to determine the final price and image of the product depending on the selected options.


+ Create multi-steps customizers for your Woocommerce products in minutes
+ “Less is more” philosophy : no complicated backend or tons of unnecessary options. Intuitive, complete and really quick to use.
+ Can change the product price based on the selected options
+ Easily create price calculations by using the values filled by the customer
+ Powerful steps conditional system
+ Conditions groups management
+ Can dynamically change the product image depending on conditions
+ Beautiful and useful components : Buttons, Checkbox, Switchbox, Radio, Colorpicker, Datepicker, Text field, Text area Number field, Files upload, Select menu, Selectable image, Rich text…
+ Set your fields as required or facultative, set their minimum and maximum values, define their price and styles
+ Quickly preview your customizer
+ Allow your customers to upload files
+ Set your customizer as mandatory or facultative
+ Automatically uses the price format and currency configured in Woocommerce
+ Duplicate customizers, steps and fields in one click
+ Define texts, colors and font directly from settings
+ Data import / export system
+ Automatically use Woocommerce currency and price format
+ WPML ready : manage text translations directly from WPML String translation tool
+ Documentation included
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compatibleVersionRange: Tested up to version 5.8