Wonderful Pencils for Procreate

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With new Procreate 5 update, I was able to create these realistic pencil brushes I always wanted! There are great new features, so I had great fun to play with these settings. And here is the result!

This brush set contains various kinds of pencils based on my rich library of high definition seamless textures. I created tons of lead textures, twisting them in Photoshop to get most realistic base for these awesome brushes.

You can draw with classic pencils of different hardness, but furthermore you can find there brushes with striking effects like smudged lines or offset trace.

If you are looking for brushes that create effects of hand-drawn illustrations from children books, you have just found them! Drawing with them is really contagious and I bet you will enjoy them!

Get 30 Wonderful Pencil brushes for Procreate now!

_Technical requirements:_

- Ipad with stylus
- Procreate 5 and later
addOnsFileTypes: BRUSHSET
addOnsApplicationsSupported: Procreate