Wonder Night

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Express your imagination with Wonder Night! a fancy fantasy font inspired by magical storybook and horror-fantasy movies. This font created with a very bouncy of letterforms, and carefully kerned into a readable typeface.

Wonder Night is an all-caps font that easy to play with. You can combine the uppercase and small caps to get a more playful design. Also completed with alternates and doodles as the decoration to get a more beautiful design. Wonder Night is suitable for children's merchandise, books, logotype, T-shirt, poster, title, quotes, and more!

Fonts featured :
* Uppercase
* Small-caps
* Numbers
* Punctuation & symbols
* Accented characters
* Stylistic alternates
* Stylistic set 02-03
* Doodles (simply type 'underscore' and 'A-N'; eg: _A, _B, _C, etc)
spacing: Normal
optimumSize: Any Size
serifSansSerif: Serif