Wireframe Shapes

in Graphics / Objects

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This kit includes a collection of 128 wireframe shapes, in various categories such as grids, geometric shapes and abstract elements. They can be combined to create unique compositions or added as accents to your designs for a retro futuristic vibe. Examples of use: posters, album covers, stickers, logo elements.

The stroke width and color of the shapes can be easily adjusted in Illustrator for more versatility. The shapes also come in PNG format with transparent background (around 4000px high, 300ppi), as well as CSH format (Photoshop shapes).

What's included:

- 1 AI file with the 128 shapes
- 1 EPS with the 128 shapes
- 128 individual shapes in PNG format
- 1 CSH file (Photoshop shapes)


PNG files can be used in any software that supports this format. Other vector formats: compatible with Illustrator or Affinity Designer. CSH file: compatible with Photoshop.
isVector: 1
graphicsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer
graphicsFileTypes: AI, EPS, PNG