Watercolor Snowy Pinecones

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Snowy Pine Cones Watercolor Clipart

Hand painted pine branches, pine cones in snow, red squirrel and little girl, paint splatter and floral elements for instant download. They are perfect for making diy Christmas cards and wall art.

What is included:

- 26 individual graphic elements, png, 300 dpi, typically pine cone 4"x5", squirrel 6"x8";
- 4 compositions (posies and wreath), png, 300 dpi, typically 8"x8";
- 3 paint splatter patterns, png, 300 dpi, typically 7"x10";
- 1 print, 8"x12", png, 300 dpi.
graphicsFileTypes: PNG
graphicsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop, Sketch
dpi: 300
dimensions: 12, in, 8