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Glowing Stripe Wallpapers Overview

Here we go! We glad to present you these bright and dynamic linear textures. Their beautiful design passes the feeling of holiday approaching and gives sweet memories of colorful moments. Life is good and can be better with professional tools like this shimmer backdrop concept. Useful for different kinds of graphic design and web development particular included files are full of festive mood and able to make you a trendsetter in your work area. You are welcome to taste their rejoicing vibes that make up a huge part of this shine and blur backgrounds.

There are beauty, style and value combination in one abstract shiny background set. Who knows maybe your new brilliant idea will come out of these brilliant backdrops. Their surface of vertical flicker rays and blurred lines with a patch of reflected light is kind magic that was expressed through digital art. The motion of beams with bokeh effect perfectly convey the celebration atmosphere. All details as attractive stripes, sparkle line images, and glitter are full of free and cheerful spirit and complete holistic composition of these wallpapers in a special way. Speed reflection and trendy technology motives await to become a part of your future artworks.

What will you get?

You’ll get 1 concept of shine backgrounds and 10 colors. Choose your perfect variant or grab them all. Useful to know that the size of particular files is 3000x2000 pixel. All of them are ready to print and high quality. Try them if you need something special, not boring and classy.

Can I Customize Modern Stip Backdrops?

Glad to note that particular assets are raster graphics in jpg format. Every pixel here can be a different color so you can create a complex image with any kind of color changes and variations. Feel free to make color correction, adding contrast and brightness in Photoshop. With materials like these, work eventually can become a rest.

Where can you use these Vertical Motion Backgrounds?

They are great for many purposes.

1. Literally, their shining will decorate any kind of designing, for an instant they are so good as decorative elements for party, wedding or concert invitation cards.
1. Indisputably, these textures will give brightness to your disco posters and will perfectly look on posters, flyers, calendars and so on.
1. Wrapping paper and greeting cards decorated by these assets will help to make memorable the most important life moments.

Check them out!

Additional information:

+ Graphics Files Included: JPG Image
+ Pixel Dimensions: 3000x2000
+ Resolution: 72dpi
graphicsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Affinity Designer
dpi: 72
graphicsFileTypes: JPG
dimensions: Px, 3000, 2000