Ultimate WooCommerce CloudZoom for Product Images

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This plugin allow you to easy add Cloud Zoom effect to WooCommerce product photos on single product pages and include additional features and options like:

* Simple, Grouped, Virtual products support
* Variable Products support (with different images for variations)
* Admin Panel settings area to manage plugin settings
* Change CloudZoom position (left, right, top, bottom, inside)
* Change CloudZoom smoothing animation
* Change CloudZoom options like tint, opacity, margins and more
* Very Fast and Optimized
* Plugin work with ANY theme that support WooCommerce even with changed default HTML layouts
* 100% Responsive all plugin elements and pages
* Detailed Documentation guide
retinaReady: 1
webTemplatesFileTypes: PHP
hasDocumentation: 1
responsive: 1
demoUrl: Http://themes.magnium-themes.com/?theme=wppcloudzoom
compatibleVersionRange: Tested up to version 5.1