Typo Art - Photoshop Action

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Notes : All images are just used for preview purpose only and replaced with Placeholder Images. The model image is not included in the file.

This Typo Art - Photoshop Action create this highly detailed effect from your photos with just a couple of clicks. This action is designed to save you an immense amount of work per photo.

The best of the Photoshop Action is that it will keep layer organized. That way you can further work on your image quickly, customizing it even further. Each Photoshop Action has its own layers organization.

Features :

* Action keeps original image untouched
* Useful from any resolution
* Action has been tested and works in CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC2014, CC2015 versions
* Works in multiply language Photoshop versions
* To have better Effect use images 1920x1080 and higher

Easy to use :

01.Instal action ( DOUBLE CLICK the Typo Art - Photoshop Action and Action will be instaled automaticly in the Photoshop )
Instal Pattern
02.Drag your photo inside PHOTOSHOP ( open your photo with photoshop )
03. Create new layer rename it from Layer 1 to brush
- then Select brush layer
- select Brush tool
- with Brush tool kit brush area of your image
- play action
wait for action to start and then select brush layer again
- BRUSH area one more time where you want to have MOre clear area in image
04.Play Action and Enjoy


( DOUBLE CLICK the PATTERNS and Patterns will be instaled automaticly in the Photoshop )
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