Tanska Mood Boards Collection

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Mood board templates were once created to ensure a sheer success on social media and eventually became an undoubtful quality guarantee. As long as clarity and a certain brightness of a Scandi design are valued, their merge with mood boards will always be a lucky strike.

Tanska Mood Boards Collection unveils 10 tender templates for your delightful Instagram posts and stories. Soft shades, reserved and geometric shapes, no disturbing vibrancy — this way mood boards stay zen with pictures you add. Smart objects significantly facilitate work on another masterpiece, by preparing it for publication in a couple of clicks. You can clearly entrust Tanska to take care of your social image, very close to becoming one of the most trendy ones.

What's inside?

- 10 mood boards templates for Instagram (1200x1200px)
- 10 mood boards templates for Instagram Stories (1080x1920px)
- Smart Layers for your graphics
- Easy customization
- Free Fonts
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isLayered: 1
graphicsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop
graphicsFileTypes: PSD
dimensions: Px, 1200, 1200
resolution: 300, 4, 4