Taiksi - Taxi & Cab Booking Sketch UI Kit

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Taiksi - Taxi & Cab Booking Sketch UI Kit is a beautifully crafted App with modern and stylish look. Built with utmost care and perfection.

It is built on a Grid System. All the Screen Art Boards are Well organized, Vector and Layered.

Art Boards / Screens Included:

There are in total 19 Screens files in this project.

+ Welcome
+ Login
+ Register
+ Tour
+ Book Your Ride
+ Pick Up
+ booking summary
+ Booking success
+ Navigation
+ Chat
+ Profile
+ Notifications
+ Invite
+ Checkout
+ Payment Success
+ Booking history
+ Settings
+ Phone Number Verification
+ Rate Us


+ Poppins


All the images used are not included in download package.


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