Sweet Smooth Waves Backgrounds

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Creamy Blurred Folds Backgrounds

Beautiful art expression of smooth wave flow and decorative airy creases create amazing colorful abstraction. By another word, abstract sleek waves wallpaper set with colorful clouds and different using variants. Their charming pattern has a calming effect and works inspirationally. Your artworks and web projects will be fulfilled with a special passion and in a stylish way.

This particular abstract backdrop concept was created for plenty of art, graphic design purposes and other bright ideas for illustrators, designers and creative personalities. Add unique motives into your illustrations or use these fab textures, as decorative elements for your print products, anyway, their soft and eye-pleasure surface will bring freshness.

Modern colors, realistic generative graphics, and plain composition in accurately describe how much valuable this blur waving background set is. It also reminds vanilla or sweetness. You can see sweet candy or wavy fluid motion in this wallpaper presentation.

Looking at them, I remember the sea and air clouds. The colors are pleasant for perception and give the eyes a feeling of light. There is a multi-colored palette of orange, yellow, turquoise, pink, purple, lime, green and blue color. You can choose your gradient.

Important information about Flowing Motion of Waves Texture set

They are high-quality materials that can be useful as a template for your design. They are print ready and include 10 jpg format files. The sizes in pixels: 5000x3333. Resolution: 300 dpi. You can make free downloading and try them as:
1. Decorate for mall or cafe showcase.
1. Product print (textile, clothes, cups, office chancellery, cups, T-shirts, children's socks, books, pillows, bedding, umbrellas, rugs, kitchen towels, planners, copybooks, books, etc.)
1. Attractive desktop for smartphone/device. For applications.
1. Cool ideas for calendar design.
1. Business promotional products.
1. Packing paper and greeting cards.

Additional information:

+ Graphics Files Included: JPG Images
+ Pixel Dimensions: 5000x3333
+ Print Dimensions: 16.667x11.11
+ Resolution: 300 dpi
graphicsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Affinity Designer
graphicsFileTypes: JPG
dimensions: Px, 5000, 3333
resolution: 300, 16.6, 11.1