Sport Promo Pack

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Energetic and passionate, black and red typographic social media pack. 42 stories and posts in one style for Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Perfect for sport, clothing and event promotion.

Stylish Black
Content in black is stylish and prestigious, it’s associated with strength and authority. It’s perfect for the business selling luxury and elegance, high-quality professional products and premium goods. Black makes them seem more reliable and expensive. Paired with red it looks stunning.

Energetic Red
Warm, optimistic and emotional, powerful and extremely confident, red symbolizes force, courage, joy, and passion. It’s a sign of leadership qualities and high ambitions, in many cultures red is a sign of health and vitality. The stories in red indicate energy, power, action, and excitement.

Trendy Typography
Typography is the art of arranging letters to help you emphasize your message. All caps, both the text with your photo and on the background, they highlight what you say. Huge letters on the background is the perfect solution to nail the attention of your subscribers. Small design elements like dots and letters make your pictures more playful and lively.

Feel free to experiment with design within the pack: replace and change the elements scale, mix different backgrounds, visual elements, and colors to create your own new pictures.

- 21 templates stories size (1080x1920) and 21 banner size (1080x1080)
- Fully layered and well organized
- Editable text and images
- Smart Object ready
- The link to the font is in the documentation
- Photos are not included
hasDocumentation: 1
isLayered: 1
graphicsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop
graphicsFileTypes: PSD
dimensions: Px, 1080, 1920