Space Backgrounds

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Space Backgrounds

Sky, cosmos and Milky Way have always fascinated people. Images of the universe, lights, shiny stars, and blurred galaxies can become an original supplement for the interior or design projects.

The set consists of 1 concept and 10 colorful solutions of abstract space backgrounds in high-quality JPG format of 3000x2000 pixels. You can enjoy magic Milky Way and stardust on blurred background.

Milky Way And Starry Sky

Galaxy theme became a popular trend in graphic design. A beautiful impression is created by deep colors and dark glowing space, creating the illusion of the depth.

The beauty of infinite blue, purple and violet galaxy with planets and shiny space dust excites the viewer. For those who love tender soothing colors, we created a green version of the galaxy. The soft light coming from the glittering stars creates a relaxing effect. The walls are the perfect place for such images. It will be a great source of inspiration and enjoyment every day.

Where Can You Use Space Backgrounds

The collection is suitable for print and web. Abstract space nebula wallpapers with noisy texture can be used in many areas:

1. The modern abstract design is a great solution for contemporary offices, dining rooms, hotels, fashion shows, social events, web studios, etc.
1. 3D shining galaxy will make your accounts in social networks like Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook more vivid, stylish and creative.
1. The bright crimson polygon wallpapers are suitable for advertisements in Google Adwords, Facebook, or Instagram to draw more attention.
1. The illustrations can be used for presentations, art concepts, graphic design templates, websites, and showcases.
1. The collection may be a basic template for exhibition stands, layouts, backdrops, models, wireframes, schemes, and various design projects.
1. Print ready wallpapers can be used for souvenir products, stationery, postcards, towels, and even furniture.
1. Realistic backgrounds for protective covers.
1. Decorative graphics printed on your business cards or advertising materials will show that you are a creative person full of new ideas.
1. Download images and set them as your desktop wallpaper or app background.

The power of space and bright cosmic dust is undoubtedly one of the most interesting motifs that can be used in interior design and graphics. Download our collection to enjoy blurred galaxies with magic lights of stars.

Additional information:

+ Graphics Files Included: JPG Image
+ Pixel Dimensions: 3000x2000
+ Resolution: 72 dpi
graphicsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Affinity Designer
dpi: 72
graphicsFileTypes: JPG
dimensions: Px, 3000, 2000