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_Instagram Banners - Instagram Stories - Wellness Banners_

The wellness industry encompasses eleven varied and diverse sectors, which enable consumers to incorporate activities and lifestyles into their daily lives. These sectors include personal care and beauty, healthy eating and nutrition, physical activity, wellness tourism, traditional and complementary medicine, public health and prevention, wellness real estate, mental wellness, spas, workplace wellness, and thermal springs.

The wellness industry also contributes to the well-being of individuals and communities, by improving physical and mental health, preventing chronic diseases, enhancing quality of life, reducing stress, increasing happiness, and fostering social connections.

Businesses that offer beauty salons and spa services can benefit from the growing demand for wellness products and experiences, especially in the post-pandemic era. This set of social media banners was thought to promote beauty salons and spa centers to grow and reach new customers through social profiles. Banner templates are eye-catching and attractive, using high-quality images and fonts that appeal to the target audience.

The package includes 12 Photoshop designs in 3 different sizes to use on Instagram and Facebook. PSD files are easy to adapt. Just place your image using smart objects and customize with the text you want.

Use social media marketing to build awareness and engagement with your audience. You can post useful tips, inspiring quotes, behind-the-scenes photos, or customer stories that showcase your spa brand. The banners include a call-to-action that encourages potential customers to book an appointment or visit the website for more information.

This social media kit is ideal to be used by small and medium businesses, agencies, beauty salons, beauty shops, health clubs, spa centers, wellness centers, marketers or corporations.

+ 36 wellness banner templates - 12 designs in 3 sizes for each template: Instagram post, Instagram story and Facebook banner.
+ Professional and creative design.
+ Easy to adapt and customize (text is editable).
+ Fully layered and well organized PSD files.
+ Vector shapes (fully scalable).
+ Smart objects.
+ Multipurpose use.
+ CC0 images used (download links included).
+ Free commercial fonts used (download links included).

Free commercial font links are provided in the info file.
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