Sisyphus - Sales Dashboard Landing Page

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Sisyphus - Sales Dashboard Landing Page

This is our new product called Sisyhpus landing page.

The purpose of a dashboard landing page for a product is to introduce and promote the product to potential users or customers. It serves as the initial point of contact for visitors and aims to convey the value, features, and benefits of the product.

Concept is easy to edit, customize, and resize, because of vector shapes, and very well organized layers.


* 1 Screen (desktop & responsive)
* 100% Color Customizable
* Compatibility with Figma,
* Vector-Based Assets
* Free Vector Icons
* Well Organized Layer
* Open Source Font (Font Google & Font share)


* Please download and install the fonts before opening the file.
* Images in the main file are replaced by placeholders, all images used for demo purpose only. Don’t worry about elements, shapes and graphic, it is already in your main file.
graphicTemplatesFileTypes: FIG
isLayered: 1
graphicTemplatesApplicationsSupported: Figma