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Fully responsive, high-quality, creative portfolio template for Adobe MUSE CC. Easy to setup and customization. Perfect for agencies, photographers and designers portfolio. Awesome widgets pack included.

Just create your website without coding skills!

Template Features:
* 19x Full responsive template
* 13x Adobe Muse Widgets
* Gallery Widget
* Animations Widget
* Modern and creative design
* Easy to edit and customize with Adobe Muse CC
* Adobe Edge Web Fonts

Package included:
* Muse files
* 13x Adobe Muse Widgets
* Animated Content Widget
* Cookie Contest Widget
* Anchor Navigation Widget
* Custom Preloader Widget
* Instagram Feed Widget
* Micro Interactiobs Widget
* Simple Gallery Widget
* Sidebar Menu Widget
* Image Slider Widget
* Hero Slider Widget
* Sticky Navigation Widget
* Image Hover Effects Widget
* 100% Height Widget
* HTML preview
* Sketch files

Software requirements: Adobe Muse CC
retinaReady: 1
hasDocumentation: 1
responsive: 1