Restaurant and Food Thin Line Icons

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Simple Set Restaurant and Food Line Icons for Website and Mobile Apps. Contains such Icons as Fast Food, Menu, Organic Fruit, Coffee Bar. Conceptual thin line icon. Vector pictogram pack.

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100% Vector

ZIP files Includes: 1 - EPS10, 1 - AI, 1 - PDF, 1 - SVG, 1 - JPG images 300dpi, 1 - PNG images 300dpi files. Fonts are used: arial.

Service List:icon, food, line, restaurant, thin, linear, lined, outline, delivery, set, beverage, vector, dessert, toilet, coffee, design, cuisine, kitchen, menu, wine, fruit, vegetarian, fast, cocktail, vegan, nature, web, bakery, pizza, symbol, illustration, ice, fish, cream, drink, asian, cake, pictogram, object, tea, spaghetti, organic, abstract, barbecue, chicken, dairy, juice, sign, traditional, vegetables
isVector: 1
graphicsFileTypes: AI, EPS, JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG
graphicsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Illustrator
dpi: 300