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Why bother writing CV’s and Resumes when you can just forward a link to your manager, your boss, your friends, with your online custom made personal or professional profile. It’s a great way to impress when you have a custom built online profile and ot using some other free service! You can even purchase your own domain name and make your name into a page! Profiler is a Mobile Template and a Tablet Template offering all mobile compatibility.


* Headings
* Highlights
* Icon Lists
* Code Snippets
* Notifications
* Tables
* Toggles, iOS & Android Styled
* Checkboxes
* Tabs
* Toggles
* Dropdowns
* Multiple Button Styles
* Speech Bubbles.
* Device Detection

Media Pages
* 4 Gallery Styles - Adaptive, Square, Filterable, Round and Wide Thumbnails

Classic Pages
* 404 Error Page
* Coming Soon Page
* Updates Page
* Timeline PAge
* Charts and Pies
* Login / Sign In
* Register / Sign Up
* Cover Page
* User Lists
* Calendar
* Activity Feed
* Chat Window / Bubbles
* Reminders
* Checklists
* Share Boxes
* Videos Page
* Blog Page
* Fully Functional Contact Page.

Profiler is Available as a Site Template, easily convertible to modern CMS' like WordPress or Joomla and running on simple HTML, CSS and JS it is fully compatible with Cordova & Phonegap and can also be converted to a PWA by simply attaching a manifest.json file and a Service Worker.

Profiler is a fully flexible and awesome mobile solution.
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