Podcast Instagram Post Collection

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_Podcast Instagram Post Collection_

_Introducing Podcast Instagram Post Collection, a dynamic collection meticulously crafted to enhance your podcast promotion on social media. This customizable template collection is expertly crafted to amplify your podcast's visibility, featuring engaging graphics and versatile designs. Elevate your social media marketing strategy with this adaptable set designed for Instagram, perfect for promoting your live radio shows, streaming sessions, and captivating speeches._

* Vibrant Color Palette
* RGB Color Mode
* 72 DPI
* High-Resolution
* Canvas Size:
- 1080 x 1080 px - 06
* Easy-to-Customize Layout
* Prominent Space for Podcast Live Show
* Clear Call to Action
* Fully Editable Template
* Well Organized Layers and Folders
* Included User Guide (PDF)

_NOTE: Images and Mockups shown in the Cover and Preview images are for presentation purposes only; Images of dishes are not Included._

* 06 x PSD
* 06 x JPG
* User Guide (PDF)

_If you have any questions, feel free to contact us._
orientation: Square
graphicTemplatesFileTypes: PSD, JPG
hasDocumentation: 1
isLayered: 1
dpi: 72
colorSpace: RGB
graphicTemplatesApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop
dimensions: Px, 1080, 1080