Paint Splashes Photo Effect

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It's about time for creating something people will look up to as they do with the famous works of art by Monet, Van Gogh or Picasso. Their works are magnificent and tremendously great but took them so long to be prepared and introduced to the public. Not even talking about the time passing for the actual recognition to kick in. Instead of a monotonous rumbling, we can offer you nearly a magic wand in terms of artistic experiments — mixed media Paint Splashes Effect!

What can be done with this asset? Tons of things, actually: from designing collages and fashion moodboards to integrating these colorful splashes into photography, website banners, newsletters and other digital domains. Customization is sleek with 3 types of splashes you can place all around the composition, 3 different paint strokes to use as stamps and mask-like tools — all of them can have absolutely any color you choose! Even if your goal doesn't coincide with professional needs, it's always nice to be creative on social media profiles, for instance.

What's inside?

- high-quality PSD file;
- 3 types of splashes;
- 3 types of strokes;
- 4500x3000 px, 300 dpi;
- changeable colors;
- help file.
addOnsFileTypes: PSD
addOnsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop