Money Excitement

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Money Excitement Concept Illustration is vector illustration about high income, successful investment tool, business cash winning and financial award from business project in trendy modern style. Business project or startup concept with gold coins, human face with sunglasses, banknote symbol. Investment Passive Income. Investment in stocks and bonds and trading success. The happy face of a woman or man with yellow hair feels a monetary excitement, the anticipation of winning from money luck in the lottery or casino. Monetary excitement from earned money, winning a contest or business profit, obtaining wealth, property, prize, or inheritance. A girl or boy sees a winning money idea for high earnings.
Cartoon pop art style clipart is about richness, riches, treasure, fortune, abundance, affluence, exuberance, luxury, luxe, fertility.
Decent financial reward for success and hard work. Fiat currency dollars. Start profitable project. Internet E-Commerce Business Flat Cartoon Vector Illustration. Business project action plan. Creating and launch a business model and product.
Template with vector illustration is ideal for web, print, banner, social media post or story in blog or course, cover, poster, website gallery, design element.

Money Excitement Concept Illustration includes files:
- 1 EPS file;
- 1 SVG file with transparent background;
- 1 PNG file with transparent background;
- 1 JPG file.

You can use Illustrator 10 or above to open and edit the vector file.
isLayered: 1
isVector: 1
graphicsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Illustrator
graphicsFileTypes: EPS, JPG, PNG, SVG
dimensions: Px, 6000, 4000