Marvelous Markers for Procreate

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This brush set contains 76 Marvelous Markers for Procreate!

I made this ultimate collection of markers inspired by contemporary magazine illustrations. I love simple shape illustrations with subtle textured lines that looks a little bit wonky. With few brush strokes added to simple shape figures, you can create a striking illustration. 

Marvelous Markers is an awesome collection of such kind of brushes! - powerful, bold and realistic! 

With these Markers, you will be able to create beautiful textured shapes easily. In this brush collection, you will find a wide range of nice textured marker brushes.

You can choose from a great variety of brushes - from subtle grain semitransparent ones, through crazy streakers to dry ink markers.

Furthermore, these brushes are great for lettering. You can make amazing hand-lettered typography easily!

76 Marvelous Markers for Procreate

_Technical Requirments:_

* Ipad with styluss

* Procreate App version 4.2 and above
addOnsFileTypes: BRUSHSET
addOnsApplicationsSupported: Procreate