Magma Retro Gradient Textures

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Inspired by the red-hot magma waves cascading with picturesque overlapping to eventually cool down and form lava flows. The buoyant vivid currents always float in the air, spontaneously changing their color like chameleons, and only a few brief moments when they hold still were captured in numerous Retro Gradient Textures.

With an obvious tilt towards the grunge aesthetics, expressed via the chosen color palette and 3 sandy noise overlay styles, the collection is lush with abstract visions so valuable for website design and social media posting. Make all 44 gradient textures respond to every appeared idea as the equalizer light of a music speaker synchronizes with a played music. Opt for a more noir impression with 12 black & white textures, praising monochrome, storm-like dusty surface. Crop them, resize, change transparency and combine them together — the high resolution allows exploring all the sides these mysterious images carry. One fascinating kit has so much to offer and broadens creative horizons to the maximum!

What’s inside?

- 44 gradient textures (32 colored + 12 black & white);
- PSD file with 3 noise overlay options;
- 5000x3535 px, 300 dpi;
- PSD, JPG & PNG formats;
- help file;
isLayered: 1
graphicsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop
graphicsFileTypes: PSD, JPG, PNG
dimensions: Px, 5000, 3535
resolution: 300, 16.6, 11.7