Lovely Envelopes

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Lovely Envelopes - pastel colors floral clip arts. - Ideal for invitations, business cards, branding, instagram, handmade craft items, scrap booking, printed paper items and more.

- 1 x afdesign file with all elements (Affinity Designer)
- 26 x png files (floral elements and arrangements)
- 300 dpi
- size 360x880px, 2800x1800px, 2300x1900, 2700x1500px

All files are in PNG format with transparent background and 300 dpi resolution. Perfect for using with any editing program, without special requirements. I attached afdesign file for Affinity Designer with all elements.

Thank you!
graphicsApplicationsSupported: Affinity Designer, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch
dpi: 300
graphicsFileTypes: PNG, AFDESIGN