Light Leaks Vol. 1 - 25 Lightroom Presets

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The perfect tool to take your creativity to the next level.\
25 Light Leaks is a set of presets for Adobe Lightroom© that helps photographers to easily add a particular light effect typical of some vintage photos.

Each of the presets in our products have been lovingly researched to ensure your photos look instantly amazing.

All our presets are 100% non destructive and works on photos with any style of lighting.

Inside the package\
#25 .lrtemplate file\
#1 User guide\

Lightroom compatibility\
Our Lightroom presets has been successfully tested with Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6 & Creative Cloud

Sources compatibility\
These presets were designed to be used with the following file types: RAW, JPG, PNG, CR2, DNG.

About Us\
We are photographers above all. We are so proud about the quality of our presets because we created them to simplify our workflow, enhance our photos and get the best from each shot!
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