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Introducing the new ‘Katty Pretty’
script font - A fashionable new handwriting font script with some sexy stylish

Katty Pretty’s font was created to look as close to a natural handwritten
script as possible by including over 74 ligatures.

With built in Opentype features,
this script comes to life as if you are writing it yourself.

It's highly recommended to use it in
opentype capable software - there are plenty out there nowadays as technology
catches up with design. Other than Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign, many
standard simple programs now come with Opentype capabilities - even the most
basic ones such as Apple’s TextEdit, Pages, Keynote, iBooks Author, etc. Even
Word has found ways to incorporate it.


If you don't have any software that
understands opentype, you can still access all the ligatures and alternates by
loading up all the supporting fonts included, and toggling between them as you
type to get the look you want :)

When creating the font, we should take into consideration that each letter
should be able to be connected with other letters. For example, letter
"a" should be well connected as well as with "l" and
"n" and with any other letters. This limits us: we have to start
letter from exact one point and finish in exact second point. So here come
ligatures. I surveyed mostly common letter combinations and made 74 Discretionary ligatures with following letter combos:

af at att bb bl ct ef el ell et ett ft gt it itt ll nt of ot pl st tt ut wh
(in Katty Pretty)

af at att bb bl ct ef el ell et ett ft gt it itt ll of ot pl st ut tt wh (in
Katty Pretty Alt)

By using these ligatures, you can give realistic handlettered style,
escaping font "pattern" effect
spacing: Normal
optimumSize: Any Size
serifSansSerif: N/A