Horizontal Poster Mockup in Hand x4

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This Horizontal Poster Mockup in Hand x4 pack will help you to showcase your poster designs. There are 4 different sizes available, you can use all of them to show your promotion or branding design. Smart objects and colors are easily changed.


- European Size A3
- Bulletin Size 11x17
- Movie Size 27x40
- Medium Size 18x24
- Photorealistic Result
- High Definition
- Easy Smart Objects
- Easy Color Change
- 10 final effects

How Does it Work?
Place your designs in our smart object artwork layer, save out the photo, and done!

*These images are used only to generate previews. Designs in the preview image are used for presentation purposes only – and it’s not included.
orientation: Landscape
graphicTemplatesFileTypes: PSD
hasDocumentation: 1
isLayered: 1
colorSpace: RGB
graphicTemplatesApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop
dimensions: Px, 6000, 4000
resolution: 300, 20, 13.3