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Generosity it is great template for great category – fund-raising (fundraising), it’s perfect solution for nonprofit/charity shares. Now you can show people for what they spend their money and resources.

This template has shop (woocommerce styling of WP Plug-in), gallery, block, volunteers page, coming soon and under construction page and maybe main for you purpose – Page for Donation (PayPal). You have great chance to make this world bette, and show everyone that it is not so difficult.

It is especially designed for charity, NGO, non-profit organization, donation, church or fundraising website.

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1. 05-Blog-Inside-Page-Right-Sidebar.psd
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1. 16-Volunteers-Page.psd
1. 17-Become-Volunteer.psd
1. 18-Gallery-Page.psd
1. 19-Gallery-Inside-Page.psd
1. 20-Make-Donation.psd
1. 21-404-Page.psd
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1. 23-Under-Construction.psd

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