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Download these Frequency Separation Photoshop actions to retouch skin. Frequency Separation is one of the most common and effective techniques to give skin the airbrushed look. These actions are an incredibly fast and easy way to do that.


Photoshop Actions

- NEW: AI Auto Retouch
- Auto Retouch
- Frequency Separation (Autodetect Bit Depth)
- 8-Bit Files - Frequency Separation
- 16-Bit Files - Frequency Separation
- 32-Bit Files - Frequency Separation
- Traditional Frequency Separation (Autodetect Bit Depth)
- 8-Bit Files - Traditional Frequency Separation
- 16-Bit Files - Traditional Frequency Separation
- 32-Bit Files - Traditional Frequency Separation
- Select Skin Tones with Face Detection
- Test Document
- What is my photo's bit depth?


✔ One-Click AI AutoRetouch

Retouch skin in one click. This action applies frequency separation to your photo and autodetects skin tones using AI and face detection. Simply put, it's the fastest and easiest way to retouch skin in Photoshop.

✔ Traditional and Modern Frequency Separation

Frequency Separation is a technique to retouch skin. Whether you want something natural & sharp or strong & diffused, you have the choice with these actions. Use the standard/modern frequency separation actions for a natural look or the traditional frequency separation actions for a softer look.

✔ Fully Editable Layers
Adjust the high pass or low pass layers with ease. Using Photoshop's smart filters, you can adjust and reconfigure the settings at any time. Some of these settings may not be available for 16 and 32-bit photos,

✔ Intelligent Error Detection

No more headaches! In Photoshop CC, these actions are so advanced that they can even detect and fix common document issues.

✔ Works with All Languages

Many Photoshop actions will only run if Photoshop is set to English. These actions, however, work with ALL languages. You can use the actions without changing the language setting.


Compatible With

- Photoshop CC
- Mac and Windows


Product Updates

- New AI AutoRetouch action uses artificial intelligence to detect the person in your photo
- 16 and 32-bit files have editable softness/low-frequency settings.
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