Financial Money Pyramid of $100 Bills + 2 Styles

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Financial Money Pyramid of $100 Bills + 2 Styles

This is two 1920×1080p Motion Graphic videos of stacked $100 Bills falling into a pyramid shape on an isolated background. Both videos feature the money coming down from the top and hitting the ground until it builds into the pyramid. An alpha channel is also available in case you would like the money on your own background. This would be a useful concept for videos dealing with investment profits, heap of cash, becoming rich, a yearly salary, capital growth, American banking, a pyramid scheme, currency price, etc.

Video Features:

* 1920×1080p HD Videos
* 2 Different Styles
* Alpha Channel Included
* 12 seconds of video
videoResolution: 1920, 1080p (Full HD), 1080
hasAlphaChannel: 1
videoLength: 12
frameRate: 30 fps