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Festival Event Template Kit contains a huge collection of over 35 visual layouts that are compatible with your Elementor page builder. The Kit features a purple, pink and orange color scheme with blob, curvy abstract graphics. Each of these pre-made templates are fully customizable in the editor. You change the photos & font to make it your own.

How to use a template kit
1) If you don’t have a theme installed you can install the free Hello Elementor theme in WordPress.
2) Install the free “Elementor” plugin in WordPress.
3) Install the free “Template Kit Import” plugin in WordPress.
4) Purchase and download this template kit, it will be a zip file.
5) Go to Tools > Template Kits and upload the template kit zip file
6) Follow the prompts to insert the desired templates and build the pages for your website using the Elementor drag and drop builder.

This Template Kit uses demo images from Envato Elements. You will need to license these images from Envato Elements to use them on your website, or you can substitute them with your own.

* https://elements.envato.com/abstract-composition-retro-style-banner-V6J3ZP5
* https://elements.envato.com/abstract-liquid-shapes-5DM3X4A
* https://elements.envato.com/event-management-poster-72TRAV6
* https://elements.envato.com/image-4MA8NU6
* https://elements.envato.com/image-DCX3S9B
* https://elements.envato.com/image-EDLBVPX
* https://elements.envato.com/image-GMVARBB
* https://elements.envato.com/image-P4CNS8V
* https://elements.envato.com/image-PERW4RG
* https://elements.envato.com/image-PEUJST5
* https://elements.envato.com/image-PGXF6F7
* https://elements.envato.com/image-PSUEN3F
* https://elements.envato.com/image-PX348SH
* https://elements.envato.com/image-QGPZ2UP
* https://elements.envato.com/linear-geometric-shapes-seamless-patterns-WLS6XQ
* https://elements.envato.com/modern-natural-logo-collection-W6MS4M
* https://elements.envato.com/modern-natural-logo-collection-XGP2VJ
* https://elements.envato.com/summer-logo-surfing-badges-elements-DJMVMW
compatibleWith: Elementor Pro, Elementor
demoUrl: Https://demos.bakerwebdev.net/festival-event/template-kit/home/
industry: Events & Entertainment
templateKitSoftwareVersion: Elementor 2.9.x