Falling Raindrops Backgrounds

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Blur Aqua Textures Overview

Look at these natural wallpaper collection with falling foggy rainfall dots and you will feel a refreshing atmosphere of the thunderstorm that accurately depicted over here. We made them as backgrounds in urban stylistic and with dynamic vibes of the autumn season.

The abstract structure accompanied by macro depictions of raindrops and light rays with overlay effect and fresh vibes that complements these beautiful decorative backdrops. Certain liquid surfaces are clean materials with slight depictions of dew water and purity that this nature condensation brings.

The set composition wafts the feeling of cold rainy days when the stream of wet droplets crosses the outdoor window thereby creating interesting views with warm perception. Presented climate theme backdrop collection accurately depicts drip motion with the image of waterfall spray and will be handy as clear backgrounds for your design projects.

Presented over here meteorology stylistic also can be associated with spotted shower depictions and fluid splatter can remind air bubbles. Taking these materials can give you an opportunity to set up the weather of your upcoming artworks and fill them with the pure atmosphere even in the moments of creative storm.

What will you receive?

You will have 1 awesome concept and 10 color schemes of abstract backgrounds with overlap. Al all of them are print-ready, high-quality files. We made them in high resolution that is 3000x2000 pixels.

Can I customize this underwater wallpaper set?

The set is a high-resolution bitmap in JPG and PNG format. You can realize only the necessary color correction. We advise doing that in Photoshop as the most convenient way for that.

Where can you use these blur aqua textures?

1. Precipitation depictions of these textures are illustrations come in handy as backgrounds for websites, for applications or print projects;
1. Presented materials will cool decoration for notepads and notebooks or umbrella covers;
1. Particular backgrounds are perfect for advertising protective clothing in bad weather;
1. Advertising business cards, flyers, and other promo materials will be a good opportunity to demonstrate this wallpaper set as well;
1. It can also be used for the presentation of fonts, as any text information will be easy to read;
1. An excellent print in the pharmacy industry (as an option, advertising of antiviral or vitamin preparations);
1. Another opportunity to use these backgrounds in the presentation design of their digital products;
1. It will look good as a screensaver on a device or desktop wallpaper.

Test them!

Additional information:

+ Graphics Files Included: JPG Image, PNG
+ Pixel Dimensions: 3000x2000
+ Resolution: 300 dpi
graphicsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Affinity Designer
graphicsFileTypes: JPG, PNG
dimensions: Px, 3000, 2000
resolution: 300, 10, 6.6