Fall Autumn Clipart

in Graphics / Objects

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This collection of Fall Autumn Clipart feature a soft cartoon style with warming rustic colours of the season.

Included in the set are more than 60 Fall themed elements, perfect for Autumn themed designs.

The elements include fall leaves, autumnal foliage, forest floor mushrooms & toadstools, root vegetables, pumpkin spiced lattes, sunflowers & other floral elements, turkey, pie cake, warm clothing and more.

Alongside the individual clipart elements, we've included a bunch of pre-made wreaths, floral bouquets, autumn frames & fall patterns.

With these elements inside your designer's toolkit, you've got everything you need to create warm, cozy & inviting seasonal designs.

All elements within this pack come in high-resolution transparent PNG format, ensuring you can drag and drop them into your work, regardless of which design tool you prefer.

Item Specifications:
- Includes: PNG
- Size: 4000x4000 px
isLayered: 1
isVector: 1
graphicsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop
dpi: 72
graphicsFileTypes: PNG
dimensions: Px, 4000, 4000