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Webinar Workbook Templates For Adobe Illustrator. Total of 50 Templates!

Create your own workbook in a record time (save hours!) and focus on what really matters - the content! These workbook templates are designed to be easily editable in Adobe Illustrator.

These templates are perfect for online coaches, masterclass, webinars and online courses.

You can use the templates to add value to your students, put together a course, compile a guide or build a free opt-in lead magnet. The possibilites are endless - you can just mix and match all of the content to make it fully custom.

A quick Overview:

* 50 Templates
* International Paper Size
* Multiple Cover Pages
* Comparisson Pages
* Weekly Tracker
* Monthly To-Do List
* List Maker
* Q and A Templates
* Cheat Sheet Templates
* Checklist Templates
* Action List Template
* Case Study Template
* SWOT Analysis Template
* Marketing Funnel Template
* Diagram Templates
* Helpful Links Lists
* Call to Action Templates for UpSell and Cross Sell

Please note that for a more compact download, images are not included in the package - You can use your own set of images in the placeholders.
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