Doppler Distortion Text Effect

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There's a myriad of helpful tasks and tips on developing creative skills and training imagination. One of them is to choose an object, animal, feeling, phenomenon (anything, really!) and depict its essence. Try it and you'll see it's such a puzzling assignment for any artist! I've reduced the pressure a bit to express a Doppler effect's essence as the *distorted lettering for Photoshop!*

If you're familiar with the Doppler effect (shoutout to the "Big Bang Theory" fans, wink-wink), you know that it's about the frequency of the waves moving in relation to the wave source. As much as it's a nerdy pitch from physics, the effect is so artistic and mind-boggling! You just add your text to the *Smart Layer* and watch it getting twitchy. But it's not all: you'll find yourself in a mesmeric gaze after adding one of *4 wavy backgrounds* and picking the prepared color from *50 gradient maps* (or adjust the color yourself, you can do that too!).

Even if you're not a pro graphic designer, this Photoshop text effect would still be an exciting thing to work with: create awe-inspiring posters, social media posts, packaging, backgrounds and more. And the last word from me: look at the distorted text and blink fast to see it moving for real!
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addOnsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop