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Document WordPress plugin helps you to build and maintain online documentation for products or services in minutes. Our customers use document plugin as product or service manual docs, extensive FAQs, internal company documentation and much more.

+ Create Multiple Documentation Pages
+ Voting
+ Public or Member Only Voting Easily set who can post a vote on your site from the pluginĀ“s settings page.
+ Set Vote Icons Set like and dislike icons.
+ Reset Votes Reset votes for a post or all posts.
+ Animated ScrollSpy Automatically updating sidebar navigation based on scroll position
+ Template Select from two template designs.
+ Category Select which categories to display on a document page.
+ Offset Set offset from the top of the browser.
+ Sidebar Width Set sidebar width in percentage.
+ Counter Option to disable automatic counters.
+ Set Link Color Using Color Picker
+ Custom CSS Field
+ Responsive Design Fully responsive design and optimized for small screen devices such as iPhone, iPad.
+ Documented All our product come bundled with step by step documentation covering installation and setup.
+ Translation Ready All our products are translation ready using Poedit tool with instructions in the bundled documentation.
+ Regular Product Updates Document Plugin is kept up to date with the latest WordPress versions
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compatibleVersionRange: Tested up to version 5.1