Customisable Clock Custom Shapes

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This useful pack contains 16 clock designs. Each clock has been supplied in 12 variations (one for each hour of the day). I have also added a set of blank clock faces and individual clock hands so that you can set the clocks to any time you like and also create your own custom clock designs.

Custom shapes are drag and drop vector graphics, designed to be re-colored, scaled and placed into your designs with ease. Being vectors they can be scaled infinitely without loss of resolution.

The download includes:

* Photoshop custom shape file
* Illustrator EPS file
* Illustrator EPS file back-saved to CS1
* Instructions

Compatible with Photoshop CS1 - CC2020 and Illustrator CS1 - CC2020 only
addOnsFileTypes: CSH, EPS
addOnsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
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