Crumpled Grunge Old Paper Background

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Abstract Wrapping Paper Backgrounds Overview

The particular decorative asset was born for different design purposes and ready to bring old notes and vintage atmosphere to places where you will decide to put it. Retro and amazing these grungy parchment textures will act as calming and warm elements on your artworks. Urban stylistic and minimalist surface with outstanding grunge effect is just perfect to decorate, but not overload. Realistic transmission of torn papyrus reflects manuscript depiction and will act magic and intriguingly on your creative projects. Present noise effect doesn't drown out all beautiful sides of these rough and shabby patterns, but vice versa they outline antique beauty over here.

Look at this modern wallpaper collection of 12 scrapbooking sheet textures. Their scratched canvas that kind of wrinkled and crumpled carton looks so stylish and able to pass this pulchritude to your design. The sheet of paper that is ragged and outdated is kind of core motive of all included files here. Trace of scratches deepen the effect of antiquity and make it possible to enjoy the harmonic and holistic composition of these unusual backdrops that is useful and attractive at the same time.

Where can you use these cool textures?

These graphic materials will be useful for plenty of needs.

1. The presentation of your digital products will be amazing.
1. You can confidently use particular assets as memorable wallpapers for your desktop or smartphone.
1. The presentation of your grunge-style font will look great on these vintage textures.
1. Product mockups on these surfaces will look atmospheric.

In addition, one more, but not the last is that these backgrounds are great for different scrapbook page design ideas as well. Use & enjoy!

What will you receive?

You’ll get 1 awesome texture concept that contains 12 different colors. All included nontrivial backgrounds are print ready files. It is an important fact that allows making fab prints in a minute. What is good to know is that all included materials have high resolution and quality.

Can I customize this realistic backdrop set?

The concept is raster graphics that determine a particular product with a simple data structure and high spatial variability. All included files have JPG and PNG format. You will able to do all necessary color correction, adding contrast and brightness. The best way to implement these modifications is in Photoshop. Hope you will be satisfied with your work.

Additional information:

+ Graphics Files Included: JPG Image, PNG
+ Pixel Dimensions: 3000x2000
+ Resolution: 72dpi
graphicsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Affinity Designer
dpi: 72
graphicsFileTypes: JPG, PNG
dimensions: Px, 3000, 2000