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Elementor Widget / AddOn – You can use it as CountDown for Events and Products launch or as expiry date for Offers and Discounts.

+ Extremely customizable - Over 80 options from where you can customize the plugin.
+ Suitable for any website - You have parameters to change everything: colors, fonts, transparency, borders, dimensions. In this manner you can integrate the plugin in any website
+ Responsive Design - The coundown plugins if fully responsive. Parameter to enable or disable responsive behavior.
+ Begin Date & End Date - Parameters to set the interval: Begin Date & End Date. The launching date contains: Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute and Second
+ Server Time or Computer Time - Parameter to use Server Time or Computer Time
+ CallBack Function - You can define a CallBack function which will be executed when the CountDown will end.
+ Auto-Reset Option - Optional parameter to set the countdown to auto-reset every 24h.
+ Multi Purpose Usage - You can use it as countdown for Events, Products launch or as expiry date for Offers, Discounts
+ Two Versions - 'Circular' and 'Electronic' versions available. All customizable from parameters.
+ Multiple Instances - You can insert multiple countdowns on your website or on the same page.
+ Social/Share - Options to add social icons in order to promote your website on all the available channels.

the circles are built using HTML5 canvas, so the circles will not appear in IE7 and IE8 since these 2 browsers don’t have HTML5 support.

+ You'll find detailed video tutorials in the help documentation
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