Computer Keyboard Keys Fill Screen

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Computer Keyboard Keys Fill Screen\
This is two 1080p HD motion graphic videos of computer keyboard keys falling down into a pile until the keys wipe or fill the entire screen. There is an alpha channel included on the footage so you can simply drag and drop either clip on top of your footage. There are two different style so you are able to either vary up the transition if you are using it multiple times in a video OR choose one that you like more than the other. These videos could be used when talking about broken technology, IT department, typing or learning to type, technology input, help or need on the internet, etc.

Video Features:

* 1920x1080p HD Videos
* Alpha Channel included
* 15 Seconds of footage
* 2 Different Styles
videoResolution: 1920, 1080p (Full HD), 1080
hasAlphaChannel: 1
videoLength: 8, 7
frameRate: 30 fps