Colorful Smooth Waves Backgrounds

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3D Vibrant Soft Wavy Wallpapers

This set consists of 10 bright multicolored wavy backgrounds illustrating abstract smooth colorful waves. You’ll get 1 concept and 10 variations of these beautiful multicolor waves. Some images are pretty bright and eye-catching, thanks to its contrast neon colors and gradients.

You’ll download 10 JPG files with a high-resolution of 4500x3000px. Many designers choose to use such bright and original graphics in their artworks and commercial projects. Also, these abstract backdrops can be useful as graphics for digital products presentations and as a decorative element of an artwork or a web-project. This generative art 3D render wallpapers are pretty multifunctional and can be a great addition to any graphics work.

This collection of smooth ocean waves backgrounds makes you feel cheerful and kind of happier. Bright colors always lift the spirits and make life more enjoyable. You can use these in projects dedicated to holidays and other important events in people’s lives.

Features of Multi-colored Smooth Wave Flow Backdrops

This collection of creative neon backgrounds is perfect for the fans of bright colors and fresh designs. It depicts an illustration of sea surface or colored cloudy sky. They are print ready and can be used for many various purposes:

1. As super hi-res desktop wallpapers for your PC or any other digital device. Also, they would look great on a smartphone or a desktop.
1. You can decorate social networks pages, such as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube if you’re a fan of bright designs
1. Backdrops are print ready, so you can customize smartphone cases or use these images in apps designs.
1. They’re perfect for advertisement banners decoration, such as Google Adwords, Instagram stories or Facebook ads.
1. Can be used in web design, especially as a decoration or wallpaper for a website.
1. It’s also perfect for customizing business cards, flyers, and other commercial projects.
1. The set is super high quality, so it can be printed on any kinds of production: smartphone cases, pillows, clothes, and other stuff.

This high-quality set of abstract wallpapers is a perfect decision for non-contemporary graphics artists. It can be used for virtually anything: web design, digital artworks, commercial projects, Instagram stories etc. You can enjoy beautiful ocean surface waves for free which is a great bargain. Stay inspired and create beautiful art!

Additional information:

+ Graphics Files Included: JPG Image
+ Pixel Dimensions: 4500×3000
+ Resolution: 300 dpi
graphicsFileTypes: JPG
graphicsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Affinity Designer
dimensions: 4500, px, 3000
resolution: 300, 15, 10