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Step into the realm where literature transcends boundaries with the sophisticated Book with e-reader Mockup. This versatile mockup serves as a seamless bridge between the tactile experience of turning pages and the digital allure of an e-reader. An invitation for readers to immerse themselves in a world where storytelling takes center stage, embracing both the timeless and contemporary narratives.

Your literary journey begins with this mockup as your passport. With an isolated book and e-reader, effortlessly integrate your designs into any context. Tailor your stories to shine in diverse scenes, choosing from three meticulously crafted settings that set the stage for your literary debut.

- 3 Alternatives Scene Mockup
- High Resolution
- Effortlessly Editable through Smart Objects
- Organized Layers and Folders for Easy Management
- Isolated Elements for Flexible Integration

File Included:
- PSD Files
- PDF Help File

Please Note:
The images furnished are exclusively meant for preview illustration and are NOT encompassed within the downloadable files.
orientation: Landscape
graphicTemplatesFileTypes: PSD
hasDocumentation: 1
isLayered: 1
colorSpace: RGB
graphicTemplatesApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop
dimensions: Px, 4000, 3000
resolution: 300, 13.3, 10