Black Social Media Pack

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40 trendy social media templates for posts and stories in art style for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and VK. Only black and design! Black means authority, power and protection. Brands “dressed” in black look sophisticated, strong, and more expensive. It’s also best for businesses selling high quality professional products and luxury goods.

Feel free to experiment with design within the pack, mix different backgrounds, visual elements, and colors to create your own new pictures.

- 20 templates banner size (1080x1080) and 20 Stories size (1080x1920)
- Easy to brand and match with your corporate colors and shapes
- Smart Object ready
- Editable text and images
- The link to the font is in the documentation

The pack includes 20 vertical and 20 square templates:
- Stylish template with a rich black background, circles and bubbles around your content.
- Futuristic metal grey banner with frozen steel on the background, winding ribbons with a white pattern, and grey figures to underline your text.
- Metallic grey template with polished waves and matt rhombuses flying in the air.
- Refined grayish brown banner with pleated cloth on the background, floating black ribbons and balls.
- Warm black banner with a blanket or a quilt on the background.
- Energetic template with colorful ropes tied together on a net background.
- Dynamic black-and-yellow banner with a megaphone and two ribbons crying about a sale.
- Active banner with a hand with two crossed fingers. Write your message on the bright green typographic ribbon to make it - stronger. Other design elements like balloons also emphasize your text.
- Elegant “total black” template with three balls jumping down a soft blanket.
- Chick black template with three balls down pleated cloth.
- Night party banner with hands up in “Sign of the Horns”, wavy cloth on the background, and colorful confetti.
- “ Protest” template with raised fists and big yellow letters giving design an instant look-at-me sign.
- Quiet delicate banner with a soft blanket on the ground, silvery palm leaves and balls floating in the air.
- Cheerful template with the “OK” hand, dotted cloth on the background and flying black bubbles.
- Calm banner with a statue head in the helmet, soft background, silvery balls and palm leaves.
- Energetic template with pink, violet and black ropes tied together.
- “Performance Marketing” template with a chess background and black flying balloons.
- Abstract silvery banner with soft wavy surface and two grey drops highlighting your content.
- Bright black-and-white with a chess background, white ribbon with intertwined pattern and three silvery balls jumping down the cloth.
- Joyful optimistic banner with sunny green, violet and black ropes tied together.
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graphicsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop
graphicsFileTypes: PSD
dimensions: Px, 1080, 1920