BillBoards Mock-Up

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The uniqueness of this project is that the project has a resolution of 4k, and is made using the timelapse in motion technique. Here you can see fancy, cinematic slideshow! This After Effects Template is suitable for commercial needs, corporation, business, presentation. It’s perfectly fits for your intro, opener, logo reveal or any idea you have. All products, regards, music intro, music show, music video, mockup, parties, films can be advertised by this project. You can choose the variation or ad your titles, portfolios, pictures. It will definitely look great on banner and billboard series in the town, city timelapse, like it shown. Make your product or service tracked and famous!
videoResolution: 4096, 4K (UHD), 2160
videoLength: 40
applicationsSupported: After Effects
requiredPlugins: None required