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BigBucket, a next-generation modern and clean Bootstrap 4x dashboard and admin template using flat, modern, and minimal design. It is fully responsive built using SASS preprocessor, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery plugins.

It can be used for most types of dashboard and app templates like analytics, CRM, Backend Websites, CMS, build Blog, Business website and timeline as well as desktop or mobile applications. Amazing flexibility and reusability

Bootstrap 4x\
The ever-popular front-end framework has had a complete makeover

Build with SCSS\
Simplify uses SASS to make your life editing the styles easier. Simply jump into the well-documented sass Code and start customizing.

W3C Code Validate\
All the W3C standard is maintained while creating code of the template. SEO, page speed, and crawling can be managed well by maintaining Web standards.

Feature list

+ Bootstrap v4.2.1
+ Latest jQuery v3.3.1
+ Built-in SCSS
+ Summernote
+ CKEditor
+ Markdown
+ Morris Charts
+ Flot Charts
+ ChartJS Charts
+ Knob Charts
+ C3 Chart
+ Jquery Datatable
+ Editable Tables
+ Responsive Tables
+ Form Examples
+ Form Validation
+ Advanced Form Elements
+ Form Wizard
+ Color Pickers
+ Masked Text Inputs
+ Multi-Select
+ Tags Input
+ Input Slider
+ Date Picker
+ Drag & Drop Upload
+ Sortable & Nestable
+ Treeview
+ Progress Bars
+ Range Sliders
+ Sweet Alert Dialog

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