Another Life Art & Stationary Kit

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Introducing our Another Life Art and Stationary Kit, perfect for your art gallery, for use in your next project or for your own brand identity. The bundle includes a print-ready 4 x 6 inches post card, a mini art print of the same size and a stylish business card template.

All our design templates have an organic, simple and attractive construction. We do our best to give you impressively well-balanced aesthetically pleasing designs that will leave a lasting impression with your audience and will be easy for you to use anywhere you wish - Web or Print.

The post card and business card design is suitable for a variety of fields like photography, graphic design, events, PR, art, personal branding, decor, fashion, lifestyle, interior design and countless more. You will probably discover even more areas where you can these designs effortlessly. The 100% editable design is versatile and the possibilities are endless...


Your branding is the primary marketing tool to get across the message you want to send out. We all know that in business, first impression is the last impression. Whether it's your customers or your friends, you can easily make a style statement using our one-of-a-kind eclectic business and post cards that help you stand out.


I'm a passionate illustrator and digital artist selling my art worldwide for the last 10 years. Mini prints are basically a peak into the kind of art I make so that you can start your own little art gallery at home or at work. All mini art printables are in size 4 x 6 inches at 300DPI.

Several of my art prints are named best-sellers on various leading art platforms around the world.
If you like any of my artworks and wish to order them printed in bigger sizes as prints, canvases and more, do send me a message.


83O® is home to the original Banana leaf artwork that started it all, a tropical trend, And our studio. Since it's inception, finding artist-designed affordable art and business stationary has never been easier.

My design style is known to be an invitation into the fresh, the tropical, and the vibrant. My greatest inspiration, nature, is evident throughout my artwork and fills my artistic style with bright, joyful visions. My art is especially known for pops of well-balanced colors and various botanicals.


- 2 PSD files as follows:
1. Post card template : 4 x 6 inches in size at 300 DPI
2. Business card template: 2 X 3.5 Inches in size at 300 DPI

- 1 JPG printable mini art print 4 x 6 inches in size at 300 DPI

- Fonts

- Well organized layers for quick editing for text (The original artwork on the front is the essence of the design and parts of it are not separately layered.)

- Cut marks in the business card & post card template for accurate printing & finishing

- High resolution print quality

- Works with Photoshop CS4+

- The Love I put into my designs

Don't struggle to make it work with basic low-quality stationary. Grab this stuff and to impress your audience with that outstanding creativity and confidence. I hope my design will save you lots of time to focus on what you do best ;)

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orientation: Portrait
graphicTemplatesFileTypes: PSD
graphicTemplatesApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop
dpi: 300
dimensions: 2, in, 3.5
colorSpace: CMYK