Animal Print Patterns for Photoshop

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Need a seamless leopard print pattern? Perhaps some snakeskin? Look no further! We've got the high-res animal skin patterns you need...

Gone are the days of low-quality Animal Print clipart. Today we introduce our high-resolution Animal Print Patterns for Photoshop.

This variety of seamless Animal skin patterns are simple and easy to use, adding a touch of wild style to your work in just a click.

Included in this download are a range of animal skin textures; including snakeskin, leopard/cheetah print, lizard skin, cow print, zebra patterns, tiger stripes, polar bear fur, panther, giraffe & more.

Perfect for:

* ✔ ANY animal themed design work
* ✔ Fabrics & clothing
* ✔ Flyers, posters & packaging design
* ✔ Mobile apps, websites & general screen design

File info:

There are 10 unique animal print patterns included in this download. Each pattern was exported at a high-res 1800x1800px, making them ideal for both screen and print work.

Alongside the Photoshop .PAT file, the individual pattern tiles are included, meaning you can use them in any pattern-supporting software.**
isTileable: 1
graphicsFileTypes: JPG, PSD
graphicsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop
dpi: 72
dimensions: 1800, px, 1800