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Pets, a source of joy, love, and affection. Caring about them is one of the most important parts with a pet. That’s why veterinarians are sought out. They care about our loved ones and know what to do if something is up with them. Veterinary work sometimes go unnoticed, but they are an important aspect for us in the world as they care about animals and nature.

Sharing your love for animals can be a great source of joy! And we hope to help you with these 60 Veterinary Icons. Tell the world of your ideas! Use these icons to present to others, use it as a marketing tool, whether online or offline, or to visualize what is inside your mind to others!

This Veterinary Icon Set from the Malibu Series Include:

veterinary, animal hospital, animal checkup, medicine, tick prevention, vaccine, scale, male vet, female vet, 24 hour vet, online vet, vet school, pet carrier, roller, pet box, pet store, pet food, collar, cat, goldfish, bird, hamster, grooming, cat grooming, dog cone, muzzle, pet microchip, litter box, poop, adoption, mobile vet, pet boarding, house call vet, heartworm treatment, vet hours, ask a vet, pet vitamins, pet advice, pet bed, playpen, dog toy, exotic pet vet, dental cleaning, animal eye care, rabbit vet, vet prices, declawing, pet ultrasound, neuter, spay, free veterinary care, vet clinic location, pet surgery, dog bone, vet training, pet guide booklet, pet care, vet clinic, wound care

What You Will Receive?

- 1 .PDF
- 2 .AI
- 60 .EPS
- 60 .SVG - works with Sketch
- 60 .PNG sized 256x256
- 60 .PNG sized 512x512

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*“These are top notch icons, the files were also set up perfectly! If I could, I would have custom icons created by them!”* - AustinTBiggs

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*“Amazing icons, my sites became shiny after adding them to my homepage.”* - A-works

Our icons are 100% vectors, so you could easily scale or customize them to your liking!

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