Amazing Boombs SVG Font

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Amazing Boombs SVG Font

Introducing Amazing Boombs SVG Font! An amazing, realistic brush pen script font with a fast flow and dry textures to the max. Get a signature made of stunning brush pen texture. Now you don't have to worry anymore, because a real writing is present.

Here's a run through everything included in your purchase

1. Amazing Boombs SVG Font: This is the main font file containing all the brush pen realistic effects.
2. Amazing Boombs Vector Font: Use this version if you need the font in a traditional vector format.
3. Help Files
4. Unique Ligatures


You need to be using Photoshop CC 2017.1.1 or later or Illustrator CC 2018 or later in order for the OpenType-SVG font to work.
spacing: Normal
optimumSize: Any Size
hasDocumentation: 1
serifSansSerif: N/A